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18th-Oct-2009 07:22 pm - Suggestions post!
Just thought I'd throw a suggestions post your way, guys.

Just comment here with any suggestions for events/plots/etc that you might have! We're always welcome to ideas and we'll give consideration to any ideas submitted. ♥
11th-Oct-2009 10:18 pm - Week ∅∅2
The city is still quiet and subdued; while the numbers of people are growing, it is far from substantial enough to make a difference in activity just yet. The people running the city are the same as ever, and it is only the players of the game that face any changes. And now the game can really begin.

An announcement is heard through the city again, this week, "Let the games begin, players! Certainly you have all had enough time, by now, to become acquainted with our wonderful city. Now, it is time to play and earn points! This week, we will expect both teams to make their selections and to participate in our other events! Remember, you need to earn enough points before you have any chance to escape.

"Keep an eye on the message-board for information throughout the week."

As if to match the change in focus, with the week, the weather has made a turn for the worse as well - it is no longer mild and sunny, like before. This week brings cooler tempartures - not cold, but much more like autumn - and rain. The rain will continue through most of the week and clouds will block off much of the sun.
1st-Sep-2009 12:00 am - Week ∅∅1
The first week opens with a subdued tone: it's quiet in unWonderland, probably because of the relative lack of people. Sure, there are those who keep the city running, but there are not many players yet. Still, there are enough for a game, and that's what matters. For the first time, businesses open. The doors to the apartment complexes click unlocked. The city begins to really move.

And an announcement can be heard throughout the city:

"Welcome, players, to the first week of our wonderful game! You will be provided with all the necessities for survival within our city, so don't worry about not having enough to eat or drink. Just remember to play the game and earn enough points to get out! Please direct your attention to the provided laptops in your apartments, and the city-wide message board, for important information and schedules.

Have fun!"

The weather this week is mild--not quite summer, not quite autumn. The sun remains out all week, however, making this a good time to explore the city and learn where everything is before you get caught out in the rain later on.

((ooc: unWonderland is officially open! ♥ ))
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